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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Castle Birthday Cake

Hopefully you've enjoyed seeing my friend Linda's Bakugan cake and Slumber Party cake in recent Frisco Kids' posts.

She also made this adorable castle cake.

To make it, Linda baked several sizes of cakes (using cake mix). She thinks she made several 9”x13” cakes, and then a couple 8”x8” cakes and a few big muffins and some mini muffins. She put the larger cakes side by side and then used the other sizes to make it look like a castle. She used the big muffins at the base of the turrets to hold the ice cream cones, which were dipped/painted in colored melted chocolate, like these Wilton candy melts. She used the mini muffins on top of the castle.

She used plain white frosting and Wilton food coloring gel to get just the right color (they have tons of different colors, she says). For decorations, she used Swedish fish for the moat, Kissables, licorice, Dutch mints (the pastel balls) cookies and rock candy for the drawbridge area (not this kind of rock candy). She said it was time consuming, but fun to make!

The figurines came from her kids’ rooms, and her talented nanny made her son an exact copy of the prince costume to wear to the party. I'm sure her kids were awed, as were the other moms.

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