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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Easy Birthday Cakes for Girls: Flower cupcakes and Princess Castle Cake

Now if you’ve read my post on boys’ cars cakes, you’ll know I’m not much of a baker.

But I do have that naive sense that I can do anything. So here are two cake ideas for your girl’s birthday.

Princess castle cake:
I used a square Pyrex pan to make this two layered cake. In fact I’m such an idiot that I decided to do a double cake (don't get my husband started on this one), and had only one pan. So I needed to bake in the damn pan four times so it would be even. I used cake mix, of course. And can frosting tinged with red food dye. Voila – a lovely pink color.

Bake the cake (and stick with 2 square cakes if you can), and try to make them even on top so it doesn’t bulge like mine did. After frosting it with pink, add doors and windows using Hershey’s chocolate rectangles.

To outline the windows and doors I used pink Wilton frosting in a can – you squirt it on and it’s very easy. The can costs about $5 at the grocery store and comes with 4 tips.

Outline the roof and base with mini marshmallows. For the turrets, you probably already guessed what I used – ice cream cones. Cover these puppies with frosting and roll them in sprinkles (or just shake the sprinkles on). The kids will fight over these. At the top was another mini marshmallow put in place with a squirt of frosting. We made flags for the tops using construction paper and toothpicks – you can see they didn’t all hold very well. We had to clip a bit off the cone off to stick them in (the marshmallow holds them in place theoretically).

Not the most professional looking cake, but the girls LOVED it and the moms were impressed. Granted, I set low standards.

Now for the cupcakes – these were for school. I got the recipe from Family Fun’s website, but there was a similar design on the marshmallow bag.

Again, cake mix and canned frosting, tinted with food coloring. I made two colors, for boys and girls. Looked pretty, but probably a waste of time.

For the flowers, I smooshed a big marshmallow and cut it into 5 pieces, laying down each piece in a flower petal shape, sprinkled with sprinkles. The middle was a gum drop. I was quite impressed with myself, though the Family Fun version looked much nicer. Shocking.

The kids, as kids do, threw most of the cupcake in the trash, after picking off a gumdrop here, or licking the frosting there. It was quite painful to watch, and I recommend you spare yourself the pain and just leave the cupcakes at school and run.

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