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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Coming Up: Grease Sing-Along in SF - Free

As if my kids aren't embarassed enough about me singing Grease out loud in the car. Now they'll have to suffer with me singing it out loud in PUBLIC.

The San Francisco Film Society and the Presidio Trust will indulge my love of Grease by kicking off their fall seasons with this free Film in the Fog showing on Saturday, September 26.

Show up at the Presidio's lawn (99 Moraga Avenue at Montgomery) for a FREE family-friendly picnic and comedy show, plus the screening of Grease. They'll even give you free popcorn. Just swallow the popcorn before you start singing. In case you don't remember all the lyrics, the film has subtitles so you won't sound like an idiot. Well, your voice may sound idiotic, but if you mess up the lyrics, you're on your own.

The event starts at 5:00 p.m. with PI: The Physical Comedy Troupe. This seven-clown ensemble uses mime technique, acrobatics, juggling, eccentric dance, live music, improvisation, puppetry and more.

The Grease screening starts around 7:00.

And I'm sure nobody but cares about this but me, but in college, I was part of a Spring Fling lip-synching competition. My group "sang" Summer Loving from Grease. We cross-dressed. I was one of the boys. We won 2nd place, but really should have won first. All our friends said so. Just look for me dancing out my part on the Presidio lawn when that number comes up.

When: Saturday, September 26
Time: 5:00 for PI, 7:00 for Grease
Cost: Free
Location: Presidio's lawn (99 Moraga Avenue at Montgomery)

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