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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bakugan Birthday Cake

When my son saw a picture of this Bakugan cake, he said “Awwwwwwesome!” And then he had to know how it was made.

This cake is part of a new cake series here on Frisco Kids, thanks to my friend Linda. She’s my new cake hero. Doctor by day – cake maker/decorator by night.

Linda started the Bakugan cake with a frosted but undecorated sheet cake from Costco. Brilliant!
She used Wilton spray paint in red and yellow, to color it (making some look orange, too). She placed chocolate covered graham crackers in the middle for the Bakugan battleground and real Bakugan cards with real Bakugans on top. (And yes, her son got to keep the Bakugans - another question my son had about the cake - I didn't tell him they were probably her son's already).

The closed Bakugan balls are unwrapped Lindt truffles (mostly white, but some milk and dark chocolate too), painted with Wilton pearl dust (in different colors) with a tiny bit of vanilla, so that it became like a water color paint. After the paint dried, Linda used Wilton icing (not gel) to decorate. She put the balls on toothpicks to make it easier to decorate, and her daughter suggested she leave them on the toothpicks to place them onto the cake, which was a great suggestion, according to Linda.

Not surprisingly, Linda's son thinks she's the coolest mom ever, and I happen to agree.

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  1. This is great! My son would LOVE it. Of course, his big question would be if he could keep the toys too! Try They have the best cakes and that's where I go when I need a cool cake. They have an incredible pirate ship cake, I've made a couple of times. So glad to see I'm not the only mom who likes to make the cakes for my kids birthdays instead of buying them.