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Frisco Kids has become one of the top Bay Area mom/parenting blogs since 2008, because it offers readers hand-selected family-friendly activities and events, mostly in the Bay Area. It's published by travel journalist Debbie Abrams Kaplan.

Yes, we work with brands!
I've worked with a number of stellar companies as an ambassador, writer or consultant, including:
--Mommy Nearest
--Post Cereal
If interested in working with Frisco Kids, please email blog AT friscokids DOT net.

Readers say:

--Our family loves your site and we plan our outings around your info!

--There isn't a 'love' button on Facebook - so I 'Liked' you.      

--Thanks for keeping me up to date with fun, low cost things to do in the Bay Area.

--I truly enjoy this blog.

--I love how honest and organic your reviews are.

How to reach Frisco Kids' readers:

You can reach my readers - I'm happy to send a rate sheet and stats (email me at blog AT friscokids DOT net). And to save time, read the info provided below. Unfortunately I am not able to respond to all inquiries (though if you're a legitimate advertiser, I WILL get back to you - and quickly). As for press releases/inquiries, I respond when I can, but I'm inundated. Apologies in advance.

Advertising: I love my advertisers. They keep this site (and sister site Jersey Kids) running. Please contact me at blog AT friscokids DOT net for rates. Or just make me an offer I can’t refuse. I offer discounted rates if advertising jointly on Frisco Kids and Jersey Kids.

Product Reviews: I occasionally review books, travel gear, and anything that seems to fit in with the website or my audience. I do not guarantee a review if you send me your product, but I usually won’t ask for it unless I’m interested in reviewing it. I also feature items I found on my own. Find me at blog AT friscokids DOT net.

Review Policies: If I hate something, I may post about it, even if a company gave me a free review product/tickets. Some websites only print positive reviews about happy travel and products. That’s not me. If something wasn’t worth it, I’ll tell my readers.

Paid Reviews: If I run a paid review, I will disclose it.

Affiliate Programs: I do participate in affiliate programs, though it's rare these days. 

Giveaways: I occasionally do a giveaway of quality product, hotel stay, membership or admission passes for readers. If you want to sponsor a prize for Passports with Purpose on my site, that's the best way to get some free press. Email me for details. Vendors must ship all prizes. If a company sends me something to review and includes extras for a giveaway (without my agreement to do a giveaway and to ship prizes), the extras will be donated to a local charity as an auction prize.

Travel Policies: I’m a professional travel writer. My work for national magazines, websites, blogs and other companies pays my bills. I usually pay for my own travel. When I get media or comped rates for hotels, attractions or shows, I do not guarantee a review. I label any comps in the review.