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Friday, May 1, 2009

Summer Camp - Here's Two to Consider (and there's an open house on Sunday)

There are so many camps out there I can't begin to cover them all. But I thought I'd highlight two special ones: Art in Action and LearningPlay with Chaia May. Chaia May has an open house this Sunday afternoon - details below.

Art in Action - you may know this fabulous program from your school. During the year, parent volunteers (or the teachers) teach about an artist, and the kids make a art piece using similar techniques. I've taught at my kids' school the past three years. I'm proud to say that last year, almost half the class said it was there favorite part of school (followed close behind by lunch and recess - go figure).

Art in Action now runs summer camps for kids ages 5-9! Here's their description. "This year, children will explore the "Wild World of Animals" from puppies, fish, lizards, to bugs. Your child will create masterpieces inspired by Matisse, Klee and Gauguin. Projects include 3-D animal sculptures, nature weavings, fish prints, birdhouses, "Save the Animals" bumper stickers, and more. Your child will design an animal sketchbook and a pet portfolio reusable bag. Learning abut endangered animals and going green is a camp theme."

They have 10 Bay Area camp locations, running from June 22-July 31, 2009.

LearningPlay with Chaia May
My kids haven't gone to Chaia May's camps, but Dori took a music class with her as a toddler. She's a creative, warm, and very fun woman who is GREAT with kids. Her Palo Alto camp looks like so much fun I wish I could go.

Here's what she says about her camp: "LearningPlay with Chaia May™ is about helping children learn how they learn best – with joy, loving kindness, and skillful teaching. When the educational setting is homey and the learning process is supportive, children thrive. When children feel secure and their senses are all awakened, they remember what they learn and can integrate it more effectively."

Each week has a different theme. Meet her and learn about the camp at her open house, this Sunday, May 3 from 2-3:30 p.m. Address is 815 La Para, Palo Alto.

What camps are your favorites???

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