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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Comic Relief: Listening to the Kids in the Car

The best part of driving your kids and their friends around is listening to them chatter.

Lily: my dad has a limo company.
Dori: I know. I think I saw his limo yesterday. Was that your dad?
Lily: Where was it?
Dori: I don’t know. Maybe near the gym.
Lily: It might be him. Who was driving?
Dori: I don’t know. Was it your dad?
Lily: I don’t know. Was it from the limo service?
Dori: I don’t know.
Lily: You would know because when you call, they answer “limo service, how may we help you?”
Dori: Who farted? It smells in here.
Lily: It must have been Julie.
Julie: It wasn’t me.
Dori: Agh! The window won’t open. Mom did you lock the windows? I’m going to throw up.

And this conversation continued for 45 mintues.

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