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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Review: Arizona Science Center

It’s impossible to write an interesting narrative about the Arizona Science Center. It’s an interesting place, all right, but the story of us wandering around it? Not so much. Here are some of our favorite exhibits.

Building Houses – One third of the greater-Phoenix economy, comes from the housing industry - $140 billion. 160 new homes go up in greater Phoenix each day (2004 statistics). Of course many of these are now foreclosed. The kids don’t know that though. They are more interested in seeing the inside workings of a toilet.

Mind Control – this brain activity tested your powers of relaxation. Mom versus daughter. The person with the most calm mind (as measured by a silly looking hat with sensors) moves the ball from the middle of the table, to the opponent's side. My mom won in seconds. It didn’t help that my dad was whispering “RELAX” in my ear the whole time. My sister beat me too, but it was a little more even.

The Nose – This was my favorite part – watching the kids chuck foam germ balls into the isolated. Then it sneezed them out – without the kids knowing what was coming. A big “ah choo” and shower of balls coming back at that. They jumped quite high – it was hilarious. The sign there read: “By the way, boogers are balls of mucous, dirt and germs – they aren’t snack food.”

Zack loved the wheelchair race. Very similar to the one at the Tech Museum in San Jose.

Forces of Nature Movie – on the top floor, this movie simulates rain, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires and more. “I’d like it more if it didn’t have to rain,” said Zachary. Dori stayed through four showings.

Dancing Iron Filings: This artistic piece had iron filings “dancing” to classical and rock music (you choose).

Digital World: Learn how emails get transmitted across the world. Or just watch your picture get broken up into small pieces. The kids fought over who got their picture taken next.

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