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Monday, November 4, 2013

Link Love: Sweet Riot Chocolate, Stars Wars and Thomas Kinkade, Tree-Climbing Goats, Ohio State Marching Band

Some fun things I've been seeing online:

----Too much Halloween candy? Not us! But if you want to get rid of some, here are some candy buy-back options from Red Tricycle.

----Tree-climbing goats. No kidding! Your kids will love these pictures of goats who climb trees to get food. They're hooves are adapted for it. I found this because I follow I F*&^ing Love Science on Facebook.
Here's what she says in her FB post: "Found in Morocco, they climb these Argan tree in search of food. It's hard to imagine that animals with hooves could be so adept at climbing but these images are 100% real. Food is fairly sparse in this area, so they have to grab it when they can - even if it's high up in a tree!

The secret to their ability to climb lies in the shape of their hooves. The keratin reinforced hoof wall adds strength, while the soft textured sole provides traction and grip. It's also capable of deforming inwards to counter irregularities in the terrain. Their toes are capable of operating independently giving them more of a "grip".

These hooves evolved to allow the goats to climb rocky, mountainous areas - but they've shifted ecosystems to the trees!"

----If you like to support new projects/new products, check out this one from Sweet Riot on IndieGoGo. They are a NYC-based chocolate shop specializing in organic, fair-trade chocolate that features new artists on their labels. I'm a sucker for artists' work on products (see my Tcho post - also an awesome chocolate place that uses great artwork on their chocolate). They're raising funds to market their 100 calorie chocolate line. You'll get some chocolate in exchange for your donation, just like I'm getting some chocolate for posting this. Win-win!

----10 Mega Corporations Make Almost Everything You Buy - an interesting and scary infographic and story

----15 Things to Make out of Cardboard - for play - from Apartment Therapy

----Common clutter-clearing myths from Gretchen Rubin. Great stuff!

----I'm not a Thomas Kinkade fan, but these pictures where Star Wars figures and vehicles are inserted into the photos is hilarious.

----Have you seen the video from the Ohio State Marching Band's recent half-time show? They do some AMAZING formations that seriously will blow your mind. This is the Hollywood Blockbuster Show. A must-watch.

----You may not want to watch the entire thing, but this Empire State Building Halloween Light Show is fun.

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