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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to help those in the Philippines

I was going to comb through and find organizations you can donate to assist those in the Philippines affected by the typhoon. But the The New York Times beat me to it and did a more comprehensive job too. Please donate! CNN has a page of resources as well.

Two more to add:
The American Jewish World Service
The American Joint Distribution Committee


  1. Thinking about the Philipines, I want to teach my 7 year old compassion for others and less fortunate and appreciate the benefits she has...where do you suggest we can volunteer, give/donate toys, or serve food ?..anything else ?...I don't want to just take her to goodwill and donate clothes, but I want her to see that some people/kids much worse off and that we can lend them a hand.

  2. I think it's great you want to teach your child compassion for others! I'll be doing a post later this year on options, but here's a past post timed to the holidays. I'd also recommend collecting and donating toys to kids in need. The Shelter Network has volunteers come in to wrap toys. We once helped throw a monthly birthday party for kids staying there, who are in temporary homes. The kids got to interact with each other. Check with the Ronald McDonald house and see if they want people to come in and play with kids there, whose siblings are getting medical care in the hospital and might be able to use some cheering. Hospitals, like children's hospitals, accept toys and books for kids staying there. Check with them on their needs - they might need to be new (so as not to pass on germs). Soup kitchens need volunteers to serve food to the homeless and less fortunate. Delivering meals to elders through a nonprofit agency is a great way to show compassion. We used to do this through Jewish Family and Children Services, I believe, and brought the kids. Senior Centers love getting visits from kids. Collect food and bring it into an actual collection spot to see all the food and hear about those who need it (Second Harvest comes to mind). They have regular sorting sessions with volunteers on the weekend. I'll post something longer in December. I hope some of these ideas resonate!