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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Holiday Shopping and Gifts

This is the first in a series of gift giving ideas for the season. Some interesting shopping ideas this holiday season. - the SF online art store (as in fine art, not supplies), launches a three month pop-up store that opened November 7. They have works of art from high profile artists, rotating exhibitions, galleries, decor vignettes featuring room ideas, art for kids' rooms, custom framing and other features. They'll be selling art for your walls, home decor, personal accessories, kids' toys, books and more.

They'll also have a family ornament collage workshop on December 7th, a family-friendly event where you can hand make ornaments. More info on that later. The pop-up store is at 117 Post Street (at Kearny), San Francisco. Sorry, no website to share at present time.

Skipping Christmas? My friend and fellow travel writer Heather Greenwood Davis talks about taking the gifts out of Christmas for the second year in a row, and focusing on family time together. Would you do this?

Logic Eye Glass Cases - normally I would not recommend eye glass cases as gifts, however my daughter recently got glasses and requested this, as her friend has one. The case is truly awesome. There's no hinge to break, or rather no hinge at all. You roll the round/back sides of the case together, and the colors/ribbons change to a different color as it turns - it's like it turns inside out. Sounds like magic, but when you play with enough, you can see how it works. In any case, it's artful and cute, and not expensive. They come in different colors. The link above is for them at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. They're cheaper at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, but when I ordered from there, their selection wasn't broad (they were out of some). To save you some research, the MoMA case is $15 with $6.95 flat shipping. At Corcoran, I ordered two ($10.50 each) and shipping was about $10.

If you're looking for gaming headsets for the kids or other loved ones this holiday season, please check out the link from our sponsor.

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