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Monday, May 7, 2012

Zucchini Cake with Orange Glaze

I got this Zucchini Cake recipe from a Martha Stewart magazine. I decided to go for it, thinking that maybe mine would look as good and taste as good as hers. Did it? Read on.

This was one time consuming recipe (big shocker), partly because it took awhile to get the zucchini just right on top, and you also have to make an orange glaze. The pictures below show the zucchini cooking in the sugar water, to make candied zucchini strips. If you're wondering how they taste, I'll say they weren't fabulous. And mine never got crystalized like candy - they were always moist and goopy. And I ended up with way too many of them and had to throw most of them away.

Here we're drying out the candied zucchini strips, though they never really dried.

The cake was lovely, and actually made it out in one piece - quite a coup for me!

Here I'm working on the orange sauce.

I poured it on and it made quite a mess. It was fun cleaning it up with my fingers, though. Martha covered hers completely with the glaze. I just now noticed that. Mine is a little less controled.

The final cake did not look quite as good as Martha Stewart's (big surprise there), however it was delicious. And even my zucchini-hating husband enjoyed it and went back for seconds (after he peeled the wet zucchini off the top).

Okay, it looks a little lopsided. Give me a break, okay?

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