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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stamp out Hunger Food Drive

The Annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive is this Saturday, May 12. Leave a bag of non-perishable food items by your mail box, and he/she will make sure the food gets to your local food pantry or food bank. Items to include might be: canned meat, canned fish, soup, juice, canned vegetables, pasta, cereal and rice. No glass containers or expired date items, please!

My kids and I just went to the local food bank yesterday to deliver the Gift of Caring Girl Scout cookies the troop sold. The food bank administrator was so grateful, and showed the kids the stacks of food (she said that people call in asking if they have any cookies on hand for when they pick up their food - a special treat). She said that their supplies were low right now, and that toward the end of each month, the requests pour in, from seniors on Social Security who just need a little extra to make it through, and families who are going through the same. She said that juice boxes are expensive for the families to buy, as is cereal, and that those are treasured by their customers. They need to provide a variety of foods to those in need, and use some of their cash to buy meat to supplement the non-perishables. They also repackage hot foods that are left over from events and donated. Their customers love these meals, so look into that next time you're having an event, and find out what your local food bank's policy is on cooked foods.

Whether you collect food from your own pantry or make a special food run, involve the kids in getting the food together.

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