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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kitchen Organizing

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We recently completed a kitchen renovation. Those drawers and cabinets that were a mess before? They're all cleaned up now. I thought I'd share some of the organizational strategies I used.

For several of the drawers, I added Rationell drawer dividers from Ikea. A set is $12.99 and you can mix and match the sets. My cabinets are not Ikea, but the dividers still work pretty well. They hook onto the back of the drawer, and the hook is not as wide as I needed, so it doesn't sit perfectly flat. But it's good enough.

Here is a different drawer.

One of my goals was to get rid of our trash cans (previously on the floor) and hide them in a cabinet. We ended up with two cabinets with trash cans - one set is for trash, one set is for recycling. I'm so happy with them!

Our old kitchen had the spices stored in several random locations. I really wanted a spice rack and got what I wanted!

The cookbooks lined up and hidden behind doors.

I used the Rationell Variera ($4.99) to separate pot lids and also baking pans. It was easy to put together.

This looks messier than it is, but the baking pans and lids are easy to access and the system only cost me $5.

Last, our former junk drawer. I got the black and white bins in the dollar section of Target, as in two bins for a dollar. The other bins in the back are also from Target - but not from the dollar section.

What simple organizational tips do you use in your kitchen to make it work for you???

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  1. Hmmm. Our kitchen drawers are in decent shape, but my jewelry drawer is a mess. That Rationell set might work. Hmmmm.