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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coming Up: Earthquake Exhibit at California Academy of Sciences

Opening on May 26 is Earthquake - a new planetarium show and exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences. You'll walk through a model of the earth, see live baby ostriches (apparently there's a connection between them and earthquakes), try out an earthquake simulator that resembles an old Victorian house, and check out an interactive earthquake preparedness area. The planetarium show takes you above the earth (above the San Andreas fault), to the earth's interior, and you'll time travel to the 1906 earthquake as well as Pangea (uh, maybe 200 million years ago give or take a few).

After this, you might be ready to make your own earthquake preparedness kit if you don't have one already. I haven't tried this company's products, but some make kits you can just buy, like Prepare Us Today. I've also seen kits at Costco. FEMA has a list to read as well.

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