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Monday, October 5, 2009

Eight Top Organizing Tools For Your Sanity

I have an obsession with organizing tools, which is odd considering my desk looks like this.

But in honor of the upcoming school year, I’ve vowed to stop buying organizer tools, and actually USE them.

Here's my list of eight top organizing tools you need for your sanity

#1. Mouse Pad “To Do” List:
This mouse pad is actually a pad of paper with 60 pages (sealed on two sides), with 5 days worth of slots on each page for the “to do” list. It’s from Pier 1 and cost $9.95 (I couldn’t find a link to it online, but I bought there in August). I can note my things to do and write down any other little thoughts, and not lose the piece of paper.

#2 Car Pad
For my car, I got a tri-part notebook with 3 sets of sheets for “do” “call” and “buy.” I bought this at Marshall’s for $8. It’s helpful to jot down notes in the car, and to have another list to look at when I’m running errands.

#3 - Calendar
For years I used a bulky Franklin Planner, which in theory is a fabulous system. But I didn’t use it effectively and mine was too bulky to carry around. What I really like is a 2-page per month calendar, with some individual page space later on for the days. momAgenda sent me this calendar to try out, and so far I like it. It’s small enough to fit into my purses (Mom-size purse that is), and it has some other helpful pages too (like the reference pages with national 800 numbers for many hotels and airlines, helpful websites, pages for gift records etc.)

#4 - To-Do Pads
Michael’s craft stores often has pads of paper (with magnets on the back) and helpful list makers in their dollar section. They're not online, however.
momAgenda also sent me this fun “Honey Please Do” pad – which is fun to fill out and give to Mark with my list of his proposed projects.
Download Forms
For those who want to print out some helpful tools and list pages, I recommend these:

#5 - Mommy Track’d free download sheets, including a week at a glance calendar, a work/home “to do” list, a menu/grocery planner, party planning sheets, and a week-at-a-glance calendar.

#6 - Mommy Track'd also has some cool organizing pads and tools for sale –
- use the code “2009” to save 15%.

#7 - Simple Mom has some great free downloads too – a big selection including a “daily docket,” Christmas budgeting sheet, preschooler chore chart, monthly calendar and a master weekly checklist.

#8 - I need to spend some more time at DIY Planner – a free website where you can create your own planner from their templates.

So check these out and let me know what you think!

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