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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy 2nd birthday Frisco Kids

I bet you didn't know it, but today is a very special day. Because you're smart readers, you know what it is already (you saw the subject line, right?). It's Frisco Kids' 2nd birthday. This blog has welcomed visitors from all around California, the United States and countries including Russia, Germany, India, Egypt, Japan, China, Albania, Australia, Brazil, Thailand and more.

I went back to read the initial Welcome Post to see if my mission matched what we ended up doing. I think it does - though through trial and error (and the invention of group buying websites), we also offer a lot of family-friendly deals.

Plus occasional giveaways (like Leapfrog Tag Readers and Leapfrog Tag Jr., luggage, travel books, chick-lit by NYT best selling authors. We've reviewed parent-friendly books and products. We've taken you to Disneyland, Legoland and Carlsbad's Sea Life Aquarium. And a smattering of other places, including Arizona, Las Vegas, New York City, Canyon Ranch Spa and more. We've covered Bay Area museum shows, reviewed everything from Walking with Dinosaurs to King Tut to Tour of Gymnastics Superstars.

And as a bonus, I got threatening emails from PETA after posting about Ringling Brothers Circus coming to town - even though I mentioned the controversy and told my intelligent readers to make decisions for themselves. And guess what, PETA. I'll post about it again.

One of the most popular posts is on Bay Area Birthday Party locations. I invite you to look at it and add your favorite spots. There's no way my list can be all-inclusive - I rely on you for your eyes and experiences.

The other most popular set of posts is on birthday cakes. Favorites include the Bakugan cake, castle princess cake, train cake, race car cake, slumber party cake and caterpillar cake. If you want to feature your cakes on Frisco Kids, let me know ( I'm waiting for Cake Doctor Linda to have some new ones for us in August.

Another milestone is coming up: in the next few months, Frisco Kids will celebrate its 1,000th post. I'd like to do something big, but I need ideas. Anyone?

Thank you, Frisco Kids' readers, for loyally following the blog and sending me your ideas, events and comments. Please continue to do so! If you're not already receiving this by email, consider signing up on the right side of the page. One email a day at most - and it's free. And join us on Facebook - I post exclusive content there.

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