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Friday, August 22, 2008

Top 11 Things I Learned at Legoland

The top 11 things I learned at Legoland:
1. Don’t let your child wear a retainer while riding a roller coaster. It makes for a very expensive day at Legoland.

2. If you do Mad Libs in line, don’t let your kids choose private body parts as nouns. The other parents in line will glare at you. And the lines are long, so that’s a lot of glaring.

3. If you drive a Volvo, you get preferred parking in the front of the lot (but still pay the same $10 fee). You’ll find blatent Volvo references throughout he park, including two "Volvo Driving School” rides (with paper licenses), a full-size Lego Volvo, and a Volvo permanently parked at the front of Legoland, complete with a photogenic Lego family outside the car. How’s that for a corporate tie-in?

4. If you need any feminine products, get them free at the Model Mom Baby Care Center.

5. I can think of a lot more appropriate names than the Model Mom Baby Care Center. That’s just dorky in so many ways.

6. In Danish, LEGO is an abbreviation of two words, “leg godt," meaning "play well”

7. Lego keychains cost $2 more at Legoland than at Lego stores ($5.99 v $3.99)

8. There are five Legolands worldwide (California, Denmark, Florida, Germany and UK)

9. You can buy a LIFETIME membership to Legoland (all 5 parks) for $2,000. Why would you do that?

10. 16 billion Lego bricks are molded every year. And they’re for sale at Legoland (what a shock!) for $32 a pound.
11. Legoland creators have a sense of humor - check out their bathroom signs.


  1. We went to Legoland last year and loved it, though it was mobbed and my son fell asleep and didn't get to drive a car. I'd like to go back on a school day in the off season and really explore the whole park. Did your kids enjoy it? I couldn't really tell...

  2. Too funny, Deb! I love the bit about "Model Mom Baby Care Center" Are model moms people like Cindy Crawford with a baby? Are they stellar, exemplary moms? Are they moms who baby themselves? What were the Lego folks thinking? Oy, and the Volvo tie ins. Don't get me started about Volvo drivers!

  3. You are NOT allowed to say bad things about Legoland. EVER! We have spent MANY happy hours there, and left MANY dollars behind at the various Lego Stores.

    For number 12, you have to comment on the absolute feeding frenzy that exists at the Big Shop the hour before closing. It's an amazing sight to watch every single thing disappear from the shelves as otherwise rational customers grab everything they can get their hands on in an effort to bring something (anything!) home from Legoland. The lines are about 25 people deep, and people are loaded to the gills with products, most of which can be purchased at the local Target or Toys 'R Us.

    As a capitalist, it's a beautiful sight. And then the whole thing gets repeated the next day.

  4. What happens in mini-lego Vegas...stays in mini-lego vegas

  5. Loved the write up. Don't get why someone would pay $2,000 for an Ambassador Pass, but six years ago when it was only $1,000 we bought one for my then three-year old son. He and dad went every weekend while I did my dissertation and the free parking alone was great. That and the 25% discount on food and merchandise, along with the four free yearly tickets has made this a good deal.