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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kid-Friendly Sweet Shops in San Francisco

“Like a kid in a candy store…” — It’s a cliche, but such an apt one. San Francisco has plenty of candy stores -here are three that will make your kids really smile.

The Candy Barrel (333 Jefferson Street, Fisherman’s Wharf): Every time we go to Fisherman’s Wharf we pass by this store. Like its name, candy flows out of barrels — lots of salt water taffy in flavors like buttered popcorn, banana cream, caramel green apple, chocolate chip, and coconut. If you’re not into taffy (which I'm not - it's better in theory), there are plenty of other treats to woo you.

The Candy Store (1507 Vallejo Street, Russian Hill): The glass containers lining the walls bring back memories of candy from your youth (even if you're youthful). Choose from gumballs in bright colors, swirled lollypops, and gummies. Or go straight for the chocolate.

Fiona’s Sweet Shoppe (214 Sutter Street, Union Square): I love their logo - a girl holding a stuffed bear in one hand, and a lollipop-like balloon in the other. Fiona’s specializes in English treats, from toffees to cheweys. With pink walls and shelves filled with jars of sweets, you’ll have a hard time choosing between the chocolate limes, the gobstopping gingers, and coconut mushrooms. What the heck — try them all!

Photo by HBuzzacott/Flickr

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