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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Change at Frisco Kids

There's an exciting change at Frisco Kids! Those of you who stop by regularly probably noticed something different - you may not have even recognized the look of the new blog page. We changed the Blogger "theme" to make it look cleaner and easier to read. And we added a header photo to make it more identifiable as a San Francisco site. The photo was taken by yours truly. Do you like it?

We also took advantages of Blogger's new "page" features - allowing us to move some of the info from the sidebar to other pages, reducing clutter on the main page. For those of you who get Frisco Kids updates by email, stop by and take a look. You'll find us at the same address,, with great new info added all the time. As usual, if you have any tips for upcoming events or info to include, please email me with it, at


  1. I love the new theme. It's cleaner and easier to read. Love the header image too. :)

  2. Thank you Amy! I should have made this change a long time ago.