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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Orange is the New Animal Print: Preparing Teresa Guidice for Prison with Netflix

For those of us who follow reality show crazies, the news of Teresa Guidice getting a prison sentence was BIG NEWS. Since I'm in the middle of the second season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, of course my first thoughts were that Teresa needs to binge watch this show before showing up in early January for her jail stay. And also that Bravo should consider a new prison TV reality show featuring Teresa. I'm sure I'm not the first to think that.

For my monthly Netflix post, I thought it would be timely to write about adult shows with a prison theme, and later about kids shows with right versus wrong (and consequences) themes. But first, the adult ones.

Teresa Guidice may be feeling sorry for herself, but it could be worse. She could end up in one of Russia's Toughest Prisons. By watching this National Geographic Special, she can go behind the scenes of these Russian prisons to see how the biggest criminals live in jail there.

Prison Girls doesn't get too many stars, but it looks like a fun romp, with a prison psychiatrist preparing six female prisoners for release by giving them furlough where they get to have some close encounters not allowed in prison.

There are lots of other prison movies to see.

Of course Teresa Guidice going to prison is a great way to start a conversation about when bad things happen to...people who commit crimes (or at least plead guilty to committing crimes).

There are some great kids' shows that can help start a conversation about it. Holes is one of them. This movie is made from a great book by Louis Sachar about boys at a delinquent camp who are digging holes for a mysterious reason. You can talk to the kids about the fairness of why they're there, how they're treated, and the type of work they're doing.

The Nut Job is a recent kids' movie involving a squirrel who plans to rob a nut shop. Good conversation here about stealing.

And one of my favorite Broadway shows/soundtracks, Annie, is also a movie. In it, there's Rooster and Lilly who plan to fake being Annie's parents in order to cash in on the big reward. There's your conversation starter - about lying and cheating!

What movies do you like that have either an adult prison theme or a children's theme with some values/morals you can teach about right and wrong?

This post is part of a Netflix #StreamTeam series. I've received consideration to write about Netflix shows. This writing represents my views alone.

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