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Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween treats - candy free

Do you always give out Halloween candy? You don't have to, and no one will throw eggs at your house if you give out something good.

I'm an Organizing Junkie wrote a post with the 10 best allergy-safe Halloween treats.

I wrote my own candy-free Halloween post early on. And a few years back, published 8 ways to cut back on candy this Halloween. I also have some great Halloween links here.

Halloween treats don't have to be tricky, is the message behind this Spoonfed blog post, which looks at artificial colors and other junk in candy.

What are we handing out this year? Not candy! It's still not good for you, but we're handing out Glow in the Dark bags of Cheetos (the Cheetos hopefully don't glow in the dark). We also picked up some snack bags of popcorn, that are easy to throw into the lunchbox.

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  1. Great tips. I considered passing out fruit snacks this Halloween, but ended up going for Snickers bars, which I figure are a relatively healthy candy…..