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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Treat of the Day: Cream in Palo Alto

If you're walking down University Avenue in Palo Alto, and wonder what this line is...

it's the new Cream - an ice cream sandwich store that sells delicious treats (that are quite reasonable too). It opened in the old Swensen's spot. Those in the East Bay know Cream, since one started in Berkeley in 2010. Now peninsula residents can get in on the fun. (Davis and Walnut Creek stores are opening soon).

How it works:
wait in line. Choose which cookies you want (you can have two different cookies or two of the same). Choose your ice cream. Watch it get put together. Pay/eat.

For those of you who just finished a large meal before arriving (not recommended - personal experience), you can get a half an ice cream sandwich (and still choose two different cookies). As for the Cream menu, they also offer ice cream tacos (made from waffle cones, with a sundae inside), floats, cookies (without ice cream), milkshakes (with or without cookies mixed in), fruit bars (baked, not frozen), brownie sundaes and lots of toppings. Plus gluten-free and vegan cookies.

As for ice cream, they offer the traditional flavors, plus others like cinnamon chili, green tea, banana walnut fudge, strawberry cheesecake, royal caramel swirl, salted caramel, pistachio, coconut, and two soy ice creams.

I know you want to know about the cookie flavors: cappuccino, white chocolate macadamia nut, chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, peanut butter (which they warmed up for my son before putting the ice cream in), oatmeal raisin, butter sugar, turtle (chocolate caramel and peanuts), M&M, and snickerdoodle.

The prices were very reasonable: $3 for an ice cream sandwich (credit card) or $2.50 with cash. A half a sandwich was $1.75

Unfortunately they put the cookie tasting tray by the cash register at the end. So while it was great to sample the cookies, it would have been better to put it before we ordered, so we could help decide.

The one above is what my friend ordered, and it was my favorite of all them - chocolate chocolate chip cookie with cup of joe ice cream. The ice cream flavor was intense and the combo was delicious.

You can eat upstairs at a cute long table with stools, and there's a patio area overlooking the street.

When we left, the line had grown long. We were at the door when we arrived, and it didn't take that long to get served. I can't wait to go back.

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