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Friday, July 5, 2013

Do you give a cup?

When I got my Keurig single cup coffee maker last year, I was very bummed to find out there were no Peet's cups available. In fact, after buying a fill-your-own cup Keurig brand cup (that didn't work for my Keurig machine - be warned! I had to return it), I resorted to jerry rigging previously used K-cups and filling them with my own Peet's coffee. It works - most of the time.

But Peet's recently came out with their own Peet's single cups so I no longer have to fill my own, cover with tin foil and hope that it works (and clean up the mess after if it doesn't). Plus I won't have to gross out my friends who wonder why I'm too cheap to just buy prefilled K-cups.

Peet's is taking their single cups on the road, sampling them in different cities depending on what people like you decide in their Do You Give a Cup quest. Each week they're coming up with a new question.  You click whether or not you "give a cup." If the majority do, they'll do the sampling at the site mentioned.

Unfortunately we already missed the San Francisco samples, which took place in June at AT&T Park. But you can decide the fate for other citites. Do you give a cup?

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, but I love Peet's coffee and you'll see that I post about it frequently on Frisco Kids without any sort of pay.

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