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Friday, September 23, 2011

Link love - What I'm reading

The Kitchen Hour - by Meagan Francis. The Happiest Mom writer talks about how her daily hour (or so) in the kitchen makes space for the family and for bigger picture thinking. What do you do to give yourself time to think?

My friend Heather is spending a year traveling around the world with her family (the kids are under 10). Here's a great post on what it's like to BE the attraction in China.

In time for school and fall organization, here are free printable planning worksheets from Mommytracked. For some other cute designs, check out LobotoME (they're not free).

I'm not really a foodie, but reading my cousin Ilana's blog Whisked makes me feel like one. She recently graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and she catalogues her time there, as well as many of the other meals she makes or eats. The photography is great, and her enthusiasm is infectious.

Sex on Six Legs Insect Sex excerpt - from the New York Times.

Best bike trails for kids - from Red Tricycle

Is SpongeBob bad for your kids? Maybe you saw the headlines. Read one mom's view.

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