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Friday, September 16, 2011

Apple Picking and Pumpkin Patches in the Bay Area

I love this time of year, with all the fall colors and fields teeming with pumpkins! I'm going to point you to some helpful sites with information on where to go pumpkin picking, apple picking and corn mazing (is that a word?) in the Bay Area.

A Frog Mom goes apple picking in Santa Cruz.  
A Little Yumminess has a great post on apple picking in Sebastapol (and going for ice cream and wine tasting after). Somehow this writer only left with 7 pounds of apples. When we went recently we spend $60, which equaled 48 pounds of apple goodness. I've made 8 apple pies (fortunately we have a second fridge/freezer, and ate the last pie two weeks ago). See my recipe at the bottom.

Travel is More Fun with Kids wrote two excellent posts - the first is a comprehensive listing of Bay Area pumpkin patches with helpful information. Travel is More Fun with Kids
 also wrote a review on a Petaluma pumpkin patch and corn maze. 

Red Tricycle also has a thorough listing of pumpkin patches. Check it these Bay Area pumpkin patches!

Debbie's Famous Apple Pie:
I used store-bought pie crust (if I have to make it myself, we just won't have apple pie). I like Mrs. Smith's crust. Peel and slice enough apples to fit overstuffed, in the pie shell. Keep the apples in a bowl, though. Mix with a tablespoon or so of lemon juice, a big dash of cinnamon, some mace and nutmeg. You can see I'm not big on following exact recipes. Mix that all together and dump it in the pie shell (in a mound).

Separately, mash together 1/2 stick of salted soft butter with a bunch of quick oats (like Quaker Oats - just plain), along with some brown sugar. I don't measure. When it's mixed into crumbly pieces, put that on top of the apples. It won't cover the whole pie. Bake the pie at 350 degrees for maybe 80 minutes (til it's brown on top but not burned). Serve with vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!

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