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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Deal of the Day: Discounted Membership at Children's Fairyland

This was passed along from another list I'm on. Children’s Fairyland in Oakland is offering a discount on their membership until September 15th. they're offering a $60 membership in honor of their 60th birthday. membership is regularly $87. The membership includes two named adults and up to three named children. This is a full benefit membership.

Take advantage of the deal by clicking on the Family membership link here. When the membership form pops up, indicate that it is a gift membership. In the Giver’s Name field enter "Livie and Luca."

If you'd rather complete your membership form by fax, mail or in person, write "Livie and Luca" at the top of the form.

Children's Fairyland is a great place to visit with the preschool set. It's on the banks of Lake Merritt in Oakland. They have kiddie rides, puppet shows, story time, and some other fun activities.


  1. We have Fairy Tale Town here in Sacramento, I wish they would have discounts!

  2. Hmmm, "Livie and Luca" not being accepted in Giver's name field. Any tips?

  3. Be sure to include an address for the Giver's address too, you can use your own address and it works!