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Friday, July 16, 2010

Music Schools for Kids in the Bay Area

Someone in one of the groups I'm part of in San Francisco recently posted about music classses for preschoolers. It was such a hot topic I wanted to send some information your way, including a variety of schools and locations. Here's a sampling of classes you and your kid can take!

Lots of people recommended Jon's School of Music in San Francisco. The classes, in the outer Richmond district and Berkeley, is said to be a more open format and less structured. Kids get to play multiple instruments (real ones) and learn music theory even if they don't realize it.

Blue Bear School of Music: This organization actually has classes for all ages, including adults. Their Little Bears program is for kids 4 months to 5 years old, incorporating music, games, instruments storytelling and dance. Classes are broken up by age, and the 4-5 year old groups is a drop-off one. You can find Little Bear classes in a variety of settings, from Fort Mason (and 5 other SF locations), to Marin.

Music Makers in Marin (Tiburon) offers classes for kids 1.5 - 6 years old. They use puppetry, instruments, tactile materials, singing and movement in their classes. Kids are accompanied to class by a caregiver or parent.

Charity Kahn and her JAMSpace band offer music classes in San Francisco. Currently scheduled classes are for kids up through age 5, and she'll be adding more classes as well. She also offers a chorus group for kids ages 8-12, a "making a musical" group for kids the same age, and a "presenting a play" group for kids ages 5-8.

Music Together has franchises around the Bay Area. The classes are often mixed ages - 0-4, though they offer specific classes for babies, and for kids ages 5-7. In San Francisco, look into Golden Gate Music Together and SF Music Together. On the Peninsula, look for Peninsula Music Together or Mo Music in the mid-Peninsula..

Do you have other music classes to recommend?

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  1. Sorry, I'm from the LA area, not San Francisco. But there is a great school down here for inner-city kids called RYTMO ( Although it's not applicable for Frisco Kids, their model is pretty incredible. I have nothing to do with them, and am not promoting them for gain. I have a colleague who recently made me aware of their progream, and I was amazed at what Joey (the founder) has accomplished. Perhaps there is already something like this in Frisco?