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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Craft Day: Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

Can you say sweet and salty? Yum! Chocolate covered pretzels are easy and fun, and the kids can get in on the act too.
Start off with the chocolate: use chips or the big chunks (Trader Joe’s works well).
You can microwave it until it’s liquid, but I’m always afraid I’ll overcook it.
I make my own double boiler by putting water in a pot, and a glass bowl on top, that traps in the water below. Boil the water, and it will slowly melt the chocolate as you stir it. The water shouldn’t reach up to the bowl, by the way.

Get pretzel rods and either dip them in, or drizzle them with chocolate over the bowl.

Then decorate! We used sprinkles, but you could use chopped candy cane, nuts, shredded coconut…you get the picture.
We put the sprinkles in a bread pan to roll them in the sprinkles. We ended up with smeared chocolate and sprinkles at the bottom. Better idea: sprinkle the items on the chocolate as you rotate the pretzel. Then reuse the sprinkles that didn’t stick.
We cooled them on wax paper for a few hours, but you can stick them in the refrigerator for a faster chill. They make great teacher gifts (wrapped up in a clear goody bag with ribbon), and yummy snacks.

And you can do the same for some fun chocolate-dipped ice cream cones.

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  1. Ai yi yi, this would be the death of me! Well, ok, the death of me getting skinny :)