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Monday, December 15, 2008

We have a Winner: Walking with Dinosaurs

Thanks to everyone who entered the Walking with Dinosaurs contest. I regret I only have one set of tickets to give away, and the lucky winner's name is at the bottom of the entry.

If you want to buy tickets, use the discounted coupon here for $10 off all tickets but the $35 ones. Or check out the youtube video.

I loved loved loved reading all the dinosaur facts and hearing from blog readers via email as well. Please check out the comments, since there's some great information there!

Here's some dinosaur additional trivia, not nearly as good as what the blog readers provided:
--A dinosaur is a reptile

--Dinosaurs ruled the Earth 100 million years ago

--700 different types of dinosaurs existed

--Dinosaur means "terrible lizard"

--No one knows what color dinosaurs were

--Most dinosaurs were herbivores

Teachers, or parents click here for a dinosaur study guide - fun stuff to learn before the show.

And now for the winner:

Congratulations to Stephanie C who will be taking her family to Walking With Dinosaurs on Friday, December 26.

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