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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Coming Up: Animation Film Festival at Exploratorium

I have memories of the Animation Film Festival, and most of them didn’t seem appropriate for kids (Sick and Twisted, anyone?). This one, however, I think is.

From Friday, December 26 to Sunday, December 28, the Exploratorium is hosting shows at noon and 2:00 p.m. Sounds family-friendly to me. They describe the short documentaries and animated films as capturing different “playful situations.” Here are a few:

Birdbeat: fugue (2002, 5 min.), by Geoff Adams, transforms the cacophony of birds at a backyard feeder into a jazzy, animated composition.

Fetch (2001, 5 min.), by Nina Paley, is a funny exploration of space involving an animated dog chasing a ball to a lively soundtrack by Nik Phelps and The Sprocket Ensemble.

Sour Death Balls (1993, 4 min.), by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Jessica Yu, offers a humorous and quirky look at how people from all ages and backgrounds react to extremely sour candy.

Western Spaghetti (2008, 2 min.), by PES, is a brilliant stop-motion animation of a surprising cooking demonstration.

White Out (2007, 3 min.), by Jeff Scher, captures the magic of snow with a painterly cascade of skiers and skaters crossing a winter landscape to music by Shay Lynch.

I believe that tickets are $9-11 and free for kids under 3. More info: 415-EXPLORE.

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