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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cooking Activity: Chocolate-Covered Crackers with Candy

Sorry for the lapse in activity recently. Had a busy holiday break and a lot of other work to do. Over the break we had some fun with chocolate. Thought I'd share! My mother found this recipe I think in O, the Oprah Magazine, and it was a huge hit with the kids. It's for chocolate-covered crackers which you decorate with whatever treats you want.

Step one: choose your chocolate. We had a mixture of white, bittersweet and milk chocolate. The kids wanted to marble it, but we stuck with one flavor per cracker, since they'd be covering the chocolate with other things and they'd never actually see the marbeling. Here's a hint: melt each type in a different bowl. At the end, you can still marble them by dipping the spatula into one and then the other type of chocolate and smearing them on a pretty way.


Here were our instructions and samples. You know that the kids' version didn't look anything like this, right?

If you melt the chocolate in the microwave, watch over it very carefully to make sure it doesn't boil or burn. You can also do it in a double boiler. Then smear the chocolate on both sides of the cracker. If you use a spatula instead of dipping, you'll avoid crumbs in the melted chocolate. My mom chose to do this herself to keep the kitchen neater.

She chose various toppings. The kids vetoed most of the dried fruit, and chose instead marshmallows, gummy bears, pretzels, Jelly Bellies and honey roasted peanuts. I toasted some of the almonds for mine. My mom used crackers that had some seeds on them, though it's totally up to you. The salty and sweet is nice together. After the chocolate is brushed on, put it on a piece of parchment paper on a something flat that can go into the refrigerator (it will need to harden).

They each had their own tray. With the leftover scrapings of chocolate, I made some too, using the beautiful bag of dried fruit and my toasted nuts, and they looked very much like the ones in the magazine. Mine is below. Pretty, huh? The kids were thrilled with theirs.

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