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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

5 Kid-Friendly Things to do in Phoenix

If you're been reading Frisco Kids for awhile, you'll see that we have a fair number of posts about Arizona, which we visit frequently because we have family there.

This post is about five things to do with kids in Phoenix. My friends who go there usually hang out at the resort pools with their kids, maybe do a hike or two. But there are a lot of fun family things if you want to venture out.

Hall of Flame
This firefighter museum is interesting even if you're not interested in the field of firefighting. With more than 90 fully restored pieces of firefighting apparatus to see, you'll find vehicles, hoses, ladders, uniforms, 400 international helmets, tons of patches from various fire stations, movies, and some hands-on exhibits for the kids to play with/on.

Where: 601 East Van Buren, Phoenix

Flip Dunk Sports
My kids and niece beg to come here (multiple times) on every trip to Phoenix. They have a big trampoline area with lots of soft balls for dodge ball (kid v. adult!), two separate basketball trampoline areas, a bungee jump area, and a gymnastics area that is sometimes open during Open Jump. You pay by the hour. If you choose not to jump (though I recommend you do - it's great fun and great exercise), there are spaces for you to hang out.

Get belted in and fly high. Adults are allowed too.

Last time we went, they wouldn't allow the kids to lie down on the trampoline. I think it depends who is supervising. This was a previous trip.
Where: 1515 E. Bethany Home Road, Phoenix

Octane Raceway or K1 Speed Racing
Oh my, we all had fun at Octane Racing. This is a go-kart place where you race against the clock (well, and others too). We separated the kids into their own race, which was an excellent idea. The adults went first, along with some others who had signed up. They show a safety video and you get strapped in with a big helmet (and unattractive head sock which gets washed in between uses). It was harder steering than I thought and a great upper body workout. I was proud to say I beat my parents and sister. You get a maximum of 14 laps for adults, depending on the timing of the lead person.

We cracked up watching the kids, and were so glad we didn't race against them after watching them drive. Not only do they go a slower speed, they crashed a lot more which caused backups with the other drivers. Hilarious to watch, but for the adult racers, I'm sure it was frustrating. The kids get a max of 12 laps at a slower speed. They do have a minimum height requirement so make sure you check that before you go. And I recommend calling ahead to find out about their reservations and timing, because you may have to wait around for your race. Better to make an appointment and spend less time waiting. They did have a small arcade and food, as well as a climbing wall ($5) though we didn't see anyone staffing it.

Where: Octane Raceway - 9119 E. Indian Bend Road, Scottsdale
K-1 Speed - 2425 S. 21st Street, Phoenix

Arizona Science Center 
I reviewed the Arizona Science Center a few years back, and there's always something new to see and do there, including new exhibits, demonstrations and movies.

Where: Arizona Science Center - 600 E. Washington Street, Phoenix

Here's a list of other things to do with kids in Phoenix. Also check out Phoenix Living on the Cheap which has lots of low cost fun things to do.

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  1. Couldn't agree more with flip dunk sports AND octane. They are both such great facilities. There is actually an indoor skydiving place next to octane now. It just opened this year, you should check it out next time you go!