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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Coming Up: Class for Kids - Making Books by Hand

If you haven't been to SCRAP, it's a wonderful resource that collects reusable items that some would consider garbage, and others consider treasure. They do monthly teacher giveaways, and lots of craft classes. Most of the classes are for adults, which is why this one caught my eye. It's for kids. Here's the class description:

"Making books by hand gives kids a chance to be authors and illustrators, editors and designers, to completely invest themselves in their work. And making books from recycled materials—from stuff that’s not usually part of a book—invites them to be inventors, too!
Cathy is back by popular demand with more projects for the classroom.
Participants will start by learning some basic, kid-friendly book structures. Then she will take the class into the SCRAP aisles, exploring, talking about how different materials might be used in book projects and collecting intriguing items asthey go. Back in the workshop, participants will conjure books from their finds. These improv books are great projects whenever you’ve got a large group—during rainy-day recess, PTA meetings, family literacy nights and more. This workshop is best for adults working with kids in Grades 1-8"

What: Making Books by Hand
When: Saturday, October 22 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Where: SCRAP (801 Toland Street, SF)
Cost: $45
For: Kids grades 1-8
Register: here

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