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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pumpkin Cake

Last fall, Woman's Day magazine featured this cake on its cover.It was easy enough that even I could do it. Of course mine looks nothing like the one in the magazine (I can't find the photo online), but imagine if this was bigger and looked orange instead of salmon, and was shaped a little more like a pumpkin. Got the picture?

Here's how. Use a Bundt pan and make two cakes. You can use the big Bundt pan, or make mini pumpkins with the small Bundt pans (like I did). I used regular cake mix or gingerbread mix (I can't remember). You can make any kind of cake.

After they bake, whip up a batch of frosting (canned or homemade). Then color it orange. I used regular food coloring, but if I make it again, I'd use food gel. I wasn't happy with the color that came of the regular food coloring. As I said above, it looks more salmon than orange.

After the cakes cool, cut a slice off the top of one cake, so it will rest flat when upside down. Flip it over and spread some frosting on the new top, so it will stick to the cake you'll place on top.

Then frost the cake.

You're almost done. Put a stem in it. I used pretzels, but you can also use ice cream cones (frosted or not). Then sprinkle on orange sugar crystals. I didn't have any when I made this, but I stocked up this year. You can find them right now in the dollar section of Target (with the Halloween stuff). It will look much better with sugar crystals. Or at least mine would.

Here are a few links to nice pumpkin cakes - so you can get a better idea of the "after" view.
Jack-o-lantern cake
Pumpkin cake

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