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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Art in Action - the home-based version

I'm a big supporter of Art in Action, a Bay Area based arts program. Volunteers with no art background use materials and books supplied by Art in Action to teach kids about important works of art. Art in Action provides training and excellent resource book, where they lay out the discussion points and terminology in a way that any person can understand (and lead). Then they come up with great art projects for kids to do.

I taught the program for three years at my kids' school and found it to be the most rewarding volunteer work. Why? The kids LOVED it. When I'd walk into the room they'd get excited and say "are you here for Art in Action?" The kids said the projects and program were the best part of the school year. Plus they didn't get formal art programming otherwise (thanks, budget cuts!) so this way they still go something.

Art in Action recently launched a home-based version. I've been meaning to check it out but I've been very busy with other projects. Luckily, homeschooling mom and blogger TerriAnn at Cookies & Clogs IS trying out the program and just posted her first lesson online. Check it out!

If you're not homeschooling and your school isn't yet using Art in Action, I highly recommend you get the program into your school.

The photos are my kids posing in front of some of their favorite Art in Action projects that year.

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