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Monday, September 13, 2010

Massages at a discount

Did our previous entry on Spa Week or Massage for the Cure pique your interest? Today I'm over at Suddenly Frugal talking about how to get a discounted massage or other body work. Suddenly Frugal is a great (national) blog with lots of info on deals, discounts and ways to get more for less. I also reviewed the book Suddenly Frugal (same author) some time back. You can read the review here.

Did anyone else sign up for the Massage for the Cure or Spa Week?

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  1. I did! Massage Envy just called to confirm my appointment. Yeah! And thanks for contributing to Suddenly Frugal today!

  2. Leah - that's funny. Massage Envy just called me too to confirm. Now I need to sign up for Spa Week!