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Monday, September 6, 2010

Chinatown Kitch

This is my third in a series about a few fun places to explore in Chinatown (we also featured the San Francisco Chinatown Fortune Cookie Factory and Vital Leaf Tea shop).

Just across from the Vital Leaf Tea shop at 1044 Grant Avenue, is a Hello Kitty type store that sells little toys, Pokemon cards, knick-knacks and stationary. The kids loved it. I was more entranced by some funny products that had awesome English translations.

This fragrance above says "Natural Spa - it is a fragrance that makes you relaxed as if you enjoy SPA."

This car fragrance was my favorite. It says "New car fragrance that not is before." And the scent (you can't read it in the photo) is SEXY RICH.

This coin bank says: "Honey - Fall in love with..."

Huh???? Fall in love with money? Fall in love with the bank?

This next one was part of a pair. This one says: "Husband I love you" - because nothing says love like a pile of pennies, apparently. The unintended humor (in case you miss it) is the hand-written sign on the bank that says "please handle with care." It's only on the Husband bank. Hmm....

The matching bank is pink and says "Wife I love you too." I guess he loves her enough to let her collect her own pile of pennies.

And last (this wasn't from the Hello Kittty type shop, but rather in one of the generic souvenier shops)...

This is The Original Jesus Saves bank, "the bank you can trust." Just put some coins in his crotch, and you're good.

Here's a little bible verse on the side of the box, in case you're not totally convinced to buy it. "He who gathers money, little by little, makes it grow." From Proverbs.

(by the way, the Jewish joke is that Jesus saves, but Moses invests...)

Also in Chinatown:
Fortune Cookie Factory - free!
Vital Leaf Tea tastings - free!

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  1. You know you can always find interesting treasures in the shops of San Francisco!