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Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter sales

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays! I managed to avoid the after Christmas shopping rush, but did peek into a few stores in the past couple of days. I thought I'd tell you about a couple deals too good to pass up.

Children's Place - popped in there yesterday for their "monster sale." And monster indeed! I splurged on $5 pajamas for my kids. Got some for this year and next. Fleece pajamas with cute polar bears for boys and girls (and white unisex ones). Also long sleeve, long pant jersey knit winter ones in cute designs also for $5.

You can get these at the store or online. Shipping is a flat $5.

They also offered 50% off their winter coats - so your kid needs a new winter coat for next year (or this year) - you can get a nice one for $30 or so.

Blockbuster - sad to say that some Blockbuster stores are going out of business. In the Bay Area, it's selective - a few stores here and there. I stopped by the San Mateo store (2900 S. Norfolk Street), and that one (as well as San Carlos, I think) will be out of business by January 10th. I picked up pre-viewed movies for $2.99 each, including a few for my kids (Hotel for Dogs, Water Horse and Open Season). Got some for the hubby and me too. They're selling new movies for 30% off, TV series for either $3 or $6, and some cute stuffed animals for a dollar or two.

Any good sales still in progress to tell me about??

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