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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Robot Cookies

Since I posted the winning Spaghetti & Meatballs cake recipe, I thought I should post more on my son's adorable robot cookies, which look more impressive un-frosted.

We bought the cookie cutter on sale recently at Williams-Sonoma. You can twist this cookie cutter to make 64 different robot shapes. It's really fun to wash out at the end (that's a joke). Especially since it's hand-wash only (that part is not a joke).

There's a sugar cookie recipe on the box, but you can use any sugar cookie recipe where the cookies won't rise.

We used store-bought frosting mixed with food coloring - lumpy and hard to smooth out. The Cake Mate Icing was awesome.Perhaps if we made our own frosting (Royal icing?) it would have been smoother and looked better. More like this.

Instead it looked like this.

Sadly, the whole family decorated cookies and you can't tell the adult ones from the kid ones.

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