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Monday, January 11, 2010

Free new computer game on Financial Literacy for Kids

I get a lot of press releases - most of them boring and not at all appliable to what I do. I almost deleted the one I'll mention here, on financial literacy for kids, but buried several paragraphs in was a link to a computer game (on the web - nothing to install on your computer). The program, the Great Piggybank Adventure, is put out by both Disney and T Rowe Price. Why didn't they say that EARLIER?

I can't wait to have Dori play it. The graphics are gorgeous and it teaches about saving and earning money. It's a virtual board game.

The downside? You have be able to read to play it. So for the younger kids, you'll need to sit with them - that's not a bad thing. It gives you a chance to talk about what they're doing and the lessons they'll hopefully absorb while you're playing for fun. But it's a bit harder to put it on while you make dinner! Also, for a dinosaur like me, some of it wasn't intuitive. For example, they show a die on the board. You need to click it to roll it.

Check out the Great Piggybank Adventure here. Let it sit on the screen a bit - so you can hear the explanation.

What do you think???

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  1. Wow to think that i actually followed your link and played d game, it was an interesting game to play. Its quite good because it seems to be an easy way out on how to lecture kids about financial literacy. Trust me they will learn faster with those cute graphics...thanks for the post, i indirectly have found a new hobby...
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