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Friday, November 6, 2009

Review: Tanque Verde Dude Ranch in Arizona

I grew up in Arizona, with two summers of horseback riding camp. The idea of getting my kids on horses is appealing. So is the idea of a dude ranch, where you not only ride horses several times a day, but someone else cooks for you and watches your kids.

Sitting tall in the saddle

Last time I was in Tucson visiting family, I spent a morning at Tanque Verde, a highly regarded dude ranch on the city’s east side. I’d written about dude ranches for magazines, but hadn’t yet actually had the experience. I dragged my seven-year-old daughter Dori with me – she was NOT excited about riding on a horse. I used my motherly charm to convince her to go, saying “they’re giving you a horseback riding lesson and you’re going to take it.”

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