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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hornblower Cruise Coupon Giveaway

I have one $50 coupon for a Hornblower Cruise to give away. It can be used toward any regularly scheduled brunch or dinner cruise for two people in San Francisco. It expires 4/30/09. There are some fine print things on there as well - nothing shocking.

Just a word about the coupon - I got it for (almost) donating blood through Blood Centers of the Pacific. (Unfortunately my iron was too low, though I'll try again soon). Please consider donating blood if you can! They're always in need, and they offer great snacks after!

If you want the coupon, email me at with your address. I assume I'll get more than one response, so if you don't hear from me by email that I'm sending it, you can assume that you'll just have to enter another Frisco Kids giveaway to win. I will not be saving your addresses (email or snail mail) and will definitely not be passing them on to anyone else.

Happy cruising!

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