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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Get 'Yer Tickets: Denise Pope speaks on Avoiding Stress & Overscheduling in Kids

All of us insane parents who overprogram our children, should take a night out to hear Denise Pope speak. For those who haven't heard of her, Dr. Pope is a Stanford professor of education, and her book Doing School: How we are Creating a Generation of Stressed-out, Materialistic and Miseducated Students has gotten a lot of attention. Especially in the high-pressure Bay Area. (The woman does not mince her words, judged on her book title!)

For this lecture, the topic is The Well Balanced Child: Avoiding Stress and Overscheduling. Here's the blurb about the program: "Children today live in a culture that is increasingly characterized by a “more is more” and “earlier is better” mindset, both in and out of school. Dr. Pope’s program is a must for parents seeking a healthy balance between achievement and personal fulfillment for their children."

Little Wonders Preschool and St. Paul's Nursery School, co-sponsor the event.

What: Denise Pope - The Well Balanced Child: Avoiding Stress and Overscheduling
When: Wednesday, February 25 from 7-9 p.m.
Where: San Mateo Performing Arts Center, 600 Delaware Street, San Mateo
Tickets: $15 in advance ($20 at the door).

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