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Friday, August 29, 2008

Need Kids' Furniture?

Do you need bunk beds, well-made/attractive dressers, night stands, a twin bed, preschool desks/chairs, novelty lamps, kids’ comforters or cute kids’ art? Right now there’s a slew of great stuff at below market values at Home Consignment Center (1888 S. Norfolk St in San Mateo - 650/577-8979). Normally this store sells used furniture (and there’s still plenty of that there), but the kids’ furniture store across from them went out of business recently.

This furniture is awesome and I wish we actually needed new beds and dressers (especially since I finally broke down and bought a crappy do-it-yourself dresser at Target a few months back – I wish I waited). You’ve seen the boys’ Pottery Barn boat bed? They have one like it for a few hundred dollars.

There’s a cute covered-wagon bed (ala Little House on the Prairie) that both my kids were dying to climb into. And a bunk bed that looks like a pirate ship. Of course you need to have a kids’ bedroom larger than matchbox-size for those, but I’m guessing some of you do.

After searching Ikea, Pottery Barn, Craigslist, Land of Nod, West Elm, ANA and House of Values for a desk suitable for my daughter and my bank account, I finally found it. It was part of this new collection they’re selling – it was a total steal. Now we're off to get her that pink chair from Ikea.

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  1. That covered wagon bed is just toooooo cool... What a find!