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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free Ice Cream for your Birthday

Who doesn’t love ice cream (well not my brother-in-law, he’s lactose intolerant)? But really – if you’re not lactose intolerant, who doesn’t love ice cream? Especially when it’s FREE. And it’s your birthday?

Cold Stone Creamery has a birthday club, where you get a free “creation” i.e. with several mix-ins. I think it’s a “love it” size – equivalent to an adult medium (or grande in Starbucks lingo), sometime in the two weeks surrounding your birthday.

You can sign up your family online, including the kids. Of course if you take the other kids with you to redeem that coupon, you’re stuck with an additional Cold Stone bill, but at least they offer a $2 kid-size ice cream with one mix-in, so the un-birthday children won’t be jealous. The “love it” size IS big enough to split – if you can convince birthday kid to do that. Good luck.

And yes, you get on their email list, but Cold Stone doesn’t send many ads (this, from personal experience).


  1. Baskin Robbins has a free scoop birthday program as well. They send a coupon for an ice cream cake about 1 month before, and then a coupon for a free scoop about 5 days before.

    I just checked, and Dairy queen has a buy one blizzard, get one free for joining their blizzard club.

  2. Your brother-in-law would go for the sorbet...or he could be like your (slightly less lactose-intolerant) husband, pop a lactaid, and hope for the best