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Monday, August 4, 2008

Coming Up: San Mateo County Fair

August 8-17th.

How can you not love the county fair, where they give awards to kids who set the best table (home arts category). And you can see glass cases of half-eaten stale cookies that won awards (culinary arts category). This year, the San Mateo County Fair even has pig races. I’m. Not. Kidding.

Before you go, plan out which awesome bands you want to see from the good ole days – and they don’t cost much ($20-25 including fair admission). That these performers might be considered to be “has-beens” doesn’t make them any less spectacular. Who doesn’t want to see the Village People? To flail your arms around to “YMCA” with the uh…gentlemen themselves? Priceless.

My husband Mark’s favorite musician, Weird Al Yankovic is playing August 15th. I’m not kidding when I say how idolized this man is in the Kaplan house. When I’m out for the evening, my husband spends his time watching Weird Al videos on You Tube. I know, it sounds rather geeky, but it’s better than the alternative.

Support the 4-H kids (we have 4-H in the Bay Area???) and see the cows they raise (and then sell to Safeway to become Rancher’s Reserve). And watch the cooking demonstrations by traveling pots & pans salesmen (another of Mark’s favorites – free food samples!). It’s all very middle America and very…awesome. Plus there are pony rides for the kiddies. Need I say more?

--August 11th is kids’ day - free for kids 12 and under

--August 13, everyone gets in free until 3:00

The county fair runs from August 8 – 17th. Get discount tickets through August 6th at any San Mateo Credit Union branch or the San Mateo County Event Center Administration office. We’ll see you there, we’ll be there singing along to “Like a Surgeon.”

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  1. Wish I'd known about the blog earlier. We were there - singing along to "The Saga Begins" and "Y-O-D-A". I think it's beautiful that my kids first concert was Weird Al. A bit loud for poor Kevin, but some nice folks gave us ear plugs. And you forgot to mention that the kids can get ribbons for putting together Lego. (Not sure which category those were - but there were lots). And we know we're entering next year!