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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Passports with Purpose - How Much Did We Raise?

I just found this still in my draft post folder! I thought I published it last month. Well, here it is!

Thank you to all who contributed to the Passports with Purpose fundraiser. We raised $26,000, which will help five farming communities in Honduras to farm more sustainably for the next five years. The tools and education provided to them through Sustainable Harvest International will make a major and long-lasting impact on these communities. They'll plant thousands of trees and help feed hundreds of people in each community through this work.

If you bid on prizes, you should have found out if you won (you won't be contacted unless you won) by December 22.

Even though you can no longer bid on prizes, you can still donate to SHI through Passpsorts with Purpose. 100% of the donation goes to SHI, as Passports with Purpose is an all-volunteer group of bloggers organizing it.

Passports with Purpose 
A big thanks to all the sponsors of PWP, including TBEX and HomeAway, and our Frisco Kids and Jersey Kids prize sponsors, Schoola and Breathometer. A reminder that you can still use Schoola's 25% off discount code TRYSCHOOLA at checkout, through December 30. And for last minute gifts, Breathometer makes two portable products that connect to your smart phone, for checking your blood alcohol level. It's fun to use and helpful too.

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