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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Grumpy Cat comes to Berkeley...and more

Though I don't actually own  a pet, it's feeling like pet month. Two of my articles on pets (taking care of your pets in winter and socializing your cat) were published on a client's website. And Grumpy Cat comes to Berkeley this Saturday, from 12-3. He'll pose for pictures with you too. It's at the Berkeley Humane Society Mobile Adoption Center opening, 2700 Ninth Street. So you may end up adopting a pet while you're there. If you have a choice, adopt Grumpy Cat because he earns a lot of money.

So with that, as my Netflix post as a Stream Team member, this month I'm highlighting pet shows! The first is Air Bud, which I will admit up front my brother-in-law was an associate producer. So that gets high placement here even though I haven't yet watched it. I'm sure my kids have, when visiting their uncle! It's on my Netflix list though!

Annie came out in theaters in December.

And Adventures of Puss in Boots just started streaming on Netflix last week. This is a whole series, so hours of fun!

What's your favorite movie/TV show with pets? Ha - my daughter and I just watched an old Brady Bunch episode where the dog steals everyone's things, including the letter with Alice's prize information from a jingle contest. My daughter had heard a lot about the Brady Bunch (I'm a fan) but had never seen an episode. She thought it was stupid. Which it is. But it's a good kind of stupid.

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