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Monday, December 1, 2014

Win $100 Schoola credit - and Help a Family at the Same Time

For the last few years, Frisco Kids has participated in Passports with Purpose, a fundraiser organized by travel bloggers to use our connections to do something impactful in the world. We do so with the help of generous prize sponsors like Schoola (see below for details), who is giving one winner a $100 credit to use on Schoola.

In the past, we've raised:
-$84,000 to build two schools in Mali (2013)
-$116,000 to build 5 wells in Haiti (2012)
-$90,000 to build two libraries in Zambia (2011)
-$60,000 to build houses for 25 families in India (2010)
-$28,000 to build a school in rural Cambodia (2009)
-$7,500 for Heifer International (2008)
You can see how this fundraiser has grown!

This year the project is through Sustainable Harvest International (SHI), with the goal of providing Central American farmers and their families the tools and training to overcome poverty while farming in a way that doesn't damage the rain forest.

Farming in Central America often means using practices leading to environmental degradation, yet still not getting the farmer out of poverty. SHI has been working in the region since 1997, helping family farmers grow their own food, but also to understand how to do it in a way that protects their ecosystems and prevent tropical deforestation.

This year, for each $5,000 we raise through this Passports with Purpose (PWP) fundraiser, SHI can spend five years teaching an extended family in Honduras how to farm sustainably. This will help that family, but also their community for the forseeable future. This fundraiser has the potential to affect a lot of Hondurans!

How it works:
Bloggers solicit fabulous prizes from sponsors. For each $10 donation you make, you get an entry into a raffle for the prize of your choice. More $10 increments, more entries. A few years ago, I won a GoPro camera! Anything you donate is tax deductible.

But let's get to what you want to read. What is Frisco Kids offering?

We've partnered with Schoola to provide one winner with a $100 Schoola credit.

What is Schoola?
Schoola is an awesome website where you can buy brand-name kids' clothing at a fraction of the price. Yes, the clothing is previously worn, but the clothes are in great shape, or Schoola won't sell them. The unique thing about Schoola is that with each purchase, they donate 40% of the proceeds to a school.

How do they choose the school? Well, people like you and me send their unneeded kids' clothes to Schoola (free shipping - they send you a postage paid bag) and designate the school they want the proceeds to go to. Your school doesn't even have to register. Once the designated school reaches the $20 threshold, they'll get a check.

You might remember that we did a couple of posts on Schoola a few months back. You can learn more about how they work here and here.

Schoola discounts and advantages
Don't wait for the PWP fundraiser to end to check out Schoola. They're offering all Frisco Kids and PWP readers a 25% discount by using the code TRYSCHOOLA through 12/30. You can shop their holiday collection, or create your own custom shop. I just saw some adorable girls red velvet holiday Gap dresses there for $4.71. See a few of the dresses below.

Our sister site, Jersey Kids, is giving away a newly released Breeze by Breathometer.

PWP Dates
The fundraiser runs from December 1-17, 2014.

Thank you, sponsors
A big thank you to our Frisco Kids prize sponsor Schoola, and to our Jersey Kids sponsor Breathometer. Also huge thanks to the overall PWP sponsors including TBEX (an awesome blogger conference), and Homeaway, a great site for vacation rentals.

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